NYIP Unit 4 photo reviews


Unit 4 was all about portraiture, and I got my reviews on my photos. The biggest obstacle I had with this was the fact that I do not have the backgrounds and studio things, in the beginning of the course and before you sign up it says you do not need to buy any equipment, but if you want amazing shots you do, I however am moving this summer and do not want to purchase expensive stuff I can not bring with me.

Photo 1: little girl head and should shot: natural light: Main light camera right, reflector on left, background looks like blanket, I like the soft curves, very nice portrait, nice skin tones, nice catch lights, Very charming portrait

Photo 2: young girl head and shoulder shot: reflector and light: Didn’t know what lights I was using, should have left a comment with that, indoor option school has you mark down is too vague, but I wouldn’t really know she wanted that, likes that I did not have glare in glasses, wrinkle in sheet a little distracting

Photo 3:  Location movie shootL Nice black and white, obviously she has a collection of films, which is something she is interested in that is good since I showed something interesting to her which was the assignment

Photo 4 : Outdoor 3/4 body shot:  very pretty lady outdoors, nice skin tone, good lighting, glad she had her hand in shot, would have preferred without shades, but how would you know that, because it isn’t specific in the assignment, it’s a personal preference, beautiful portrait again said she is pretty

Photo 5: dog: love that you filled up the whole frame, beautiful pic realizes that the pet gets upset with flash and noise(which is a note I left with the pic) 3600 ISO still a little high, maybe move the f-stop down, and lower iso

*Note* The only thing I do not understand is my instructors obsession with ISO, she will tell me the picture is beautiful then complain ISO is too high, why does this matter if I got a beautiful shot?  Just a thought

Overall it wasn’t bad and I learned a lot

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